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Tension Touch Release Meditation

Our bodies receive messages through our 5 senses, which triggers our brains to filter and decide what is most important. Through this process, our bodies hold tension, whether we are working, eating, playing and even relaxing because our bodies hold memories - especially injury, emotional, trauma or stress.

The Tension Touch Release technique combines an awareness of our felt sense and using touch to relieve tension. I invite you to be curious about what tension you can release through this calming meditation. If you find yourself becoming stuck I invite you to seek additional therapeutic support to help you process difficult emotions.

I invite you to care for your body and allow yourself to experience relaxation.
Abbey Parker, LMHC

Calming Your Mind Technique

Many relaxation tools I know involve breathing deeply, but when guided with small movement and touch they offer another realm of deepening our awareness and releasing tension in our bodies. The technique comes from Donna Eden's work with Energy Medicine and is applicable for anyone who wants to calm their central nervous system and come back to the present moment. For this brief calming technique have your hands free and be sitting in a comfortable position.

An added bonus - consider setting an intention as you integrate back into a relaxed state. Happy breathing.
Abbey Parker, LMHC

Reorient Yourself Meditation

When we focus on a task or have a reaction we orient ourselves to what is happening in order to perform or react to the situation. As part of focus or reaction, we tighten our muscles as if we were to run a race or have adrenaline kick in. Reorienting is a process of being mindful of your surroundings, bringing yourself back into this present moment. In this Reorientation Meditation, I highlight the sense of vision - using your eyes and gaze to take in all that is around you. The other tool in this meditation is your breath and how you connect and release the tension you are holding in your muscles.

Enjoy this brief moment to relax and put another technique in your relaxation tool kit.
- Abbey Parker, LMHC

Positive Flooding for the Nurse

As COVID-19 has swarmed our area, I have had the privilege of working with nurses who serve diligently and compassionately in this health crisis. Positive Flooding is a tool that I learned in Imago Therapy - usually used with couples. However, in this case, I am sending my admiration for these healthcare workers who are serving our community members at risk. I encourage you to pass this along to anyone who is impacted by COVID-19 and is needing courage and warm regards to find a PAUSE and solace in the storm. I invite you to truly receive the regards I am giving to you.

With an open heart.
- Abbey Parker, LMHC

Positive Flooding Affirmation and Meditation

The affirmations and meditations included in this podcast are for anyone, but especially nurses and healthcare professionals impacted by COVID -19. In my practice as a therapist, working in trauma and transition, I see a lot of us holding on emotionally and physically to the stress this virus has created. We hold it in our bodies, our minds, our relationships, and our environment, which deteriorates our capacity to be ourselves. Even if you don't work in healthcare, I invite you to take time for yourself so you can listen to what your body needs and releasing the stress that is weighing on you, preventing you from being present in your life.

Take care.
- Abbey Parker, LMHC