Friends as Family

Author: Sammy (Amick) Feltes , Therapist at Stillpoint

I am thankful for the friends that have become more like family. The ones who have grown with me, are able to reconnect even after some space, and that are intentional about staying involved in my life, even if that is cheering me on from the sidelines.

I have realized that with some of the changes that came with motherhood, it is easier to stay connected and show up in the relationships when they are with my family as well. My best friend of almost 10 years (that is cool to say as it was after the high school and college years that we connected) is the best example of this. We got to know each other through work so it was easy to connect there but also hang out after work. Then our friendship moved to do almost everything together: working out, trying new restaurants, exploring downtown, helping each other move, grocery shopping, etc. It has been difficult to see this relationship change and not get to spend as much time together, but she gets me. She is always game to meet up for dinner or go shopping as well as just hang out at one of our houses and play with my daughter. She shows up to any family events I invite her to and knows everyone else that is close to me.

As I am learning how to balance being a good friend and showing up in the ways that I want to with my new role in motherhood, I am appreciative of the people that allow me to show up as a am, help me to navigate roles and relationships without pressure or expectations, and have blended more into family.