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The PAUSE is how you know WHERE you are in your state of fear and what Beth has dubbed “checking for bears”, suspended between what you think is happening and what is actually occurring.

So many times our awareness is compromised by our subconscious acting on overdrive and the feeling of fear leading the way. Interoception is a form of planting. It is consciously knowing that reattuning to your body's reaction and working with your body awareness calms your muscles and your mind.

Being In the Pause is the first step. Then we need to plant. The key to planting is knowing you need to plant and practicing that awareness throughout each step of growing. In learning how to plant ourselves, we thankfully have the blueprint Dr. Dan Siegel has created to practice being present to what we plant. 

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Plant from the Latin translation means plantare, to fix in place; planta, plant. This is interesting to me because “plant” is both a verb and a noun. You actually get a “plant” when you “plant” something….

When we think of planting, what comes to mind is the final post of our series on In the Pause where Beth shared her tomato sproutlings. There was a process to Beth’s creation of these tomato sprouts. To plant is to firmly tamp a seed into a space that possesses the elements needed to grow a seed into a healthy and thriving plant.

In order for our planting to produce a plant, the following elements are necessary: First we must know or possess the awareness that we are planting. To do this, we need a seed, soil, sunlight, water, and CO2. Each of these elements is unique and differentiated from each other, yet all four must be integrated in order to produce a healthy thriving plant.

We are also in the process of planting. We don’t think it is a coincidence that there are five elements needed to produce a healthy thriving plant and there are five areas in the Wheel of Awareness that when differentiated and integrated can enhance our health and help us thrive. The Wheel of Awareness also helps us pace ourselves waiting patiently for our seeds to grow - one day at a time. Soon, we will see fruits of our labor sprouting through the ground, just like Beth’s tomato plants.


The Wheel of Awareness can help us to explore the upheaval that has happened in our lives, to plant seeds of grounded-ness, healing, and growth; to tamp down the new-nutrient rich soil around us; to utilize self-care in watering and nourishing our environment, our bodies, our minds and our relationships.

One way I have found to organize my thoughts in regards to when to PAUSE and HOW to PLANT myself is through the Wheel of Awareness by Dr. Dan Siegel. If you have been participating in our “In the Pause” social media series in April, you may start to recognize the categories of 8 senses that are presented in Dr. Dan’s model. SURPRISE! The tools we have been sharing with you are resources to engage your senses in order to PLANT yourself. 


We are proposing that we make them even more practical with simple tools that PLANT us so we can live in our Stillpoint. We invite you to continue to be creative with us and continue to explore what helps you PLANT!

If you missed our tools on each of the 8 senses in April, they are all on our Pinterest Page:



We are indebted and thankful to Dr. Dan for sharing freely, he has multiple resources on awareness on his website. We also invite you to take 25 minutes and explore this video he recorded on developing awareness. 


We invite you to begin a conversation with us. How can we support your decision to find the best therapist to meet your needs? Contact us and let us listen.

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You could call this imagery a model for healing, within Cycles of Healing, we identify what we want or believe to be possible or identify what we believe to be possible. There are cycles to Pause, Plant, Process, Pivot or Practice. We are not prescribing to this order indefinitely, we invite flexibility to identify what parts are important and how these cycles connect with you. We want to offer opportunities for you to explore, name and create possibilities and join us in working towards what you desire.

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A stop or rest. Victor Frankl describes this type of pause, “Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” 

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To put or set in the ground to grow (etymology.com). This part of the cycle offers an opportunity to ground yourself from within before making any actionable step. It is both a noun and a verb. To cultivate and to ground.

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To grieve what is or has been lost and to identify and experience the hope for the future. We have broken up this content into 2 pages: the concentration on the loss we have experienced and the ability to transform through loss with hope for the future.

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 The intentional or required shift. Josh has described its power best - “Pivoting can provide a moment of clarity and foresight into what direction we wish to move”.

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Also a noun and a verb like Planting. The act of practicing like you would a skill, and the art of refining a practice like baking bread. The identification of a practice as something to be continued, a “best practice” or something to be honed.

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