A Season of Setbacks

I have noticed a trend in the world of welcomed change. A season of befuddlement. Which means to to be utterly bewildered or more

Racing Towards Health: Taking Control Amidst the Chaos

Revving engines, adrenaline-pumping speeds, and the roar of the crowd—there's nothing quite like the intensity of the Indianapolis more

Put on your walking shoes

This time of the year brings me back to April 2020 - quarantine - the permission to stay at home and away from other humans for an extended period of time held its charm and chaos for us more

Journaling for Fun

Journaling has been a major part of my life and after taking a course through Susannah Conway’s Journal Your more

Lesson Number 3

It’s March and I have been thinking about - December Lessons - and how I wanted to spend time this year concentrating on each of the difficult lessons I discovered from last more

Motherhood Shifts

I anticipated my friendships changing when I had a baby, but I am not sure I could have known what to more

Friends as Family

I am thankful for the friends that have become more like more

Finding My Tribe at 39

Knowing that anyone else in my life adds to the beauty and growth through my more

Starting Over With Friendships at 33

Through my divorce, and being alone which I feared, was the way for me to dig deep through all of the heartache and to question myself entirely in order to know more

Simply Home

The adventure begins again with allowing myself to grieve the new layers, jumping full force into the newness of our lives, and exploring the wants for my more

December Lessons

I read on social media that someone considered December the month of DEClutter - where you are taking stock of what you have accumulated and choosing what will accompany you into 2024 plan for the new more

How to Reconnect With an Old Friend

Whether it’s a childhood friend, a schoolmate, a former colleague or someone special you lost touch with, rekindling that connection can bring immense more

Fascinated With Friendsgiving

If you desire to start some new traditions with your friend group, it is never too late! more

How to Manage Friendship Break Ups

Friendship breakups can be difficult to navigate due to the friend being our go-to person, the one we have spent the most time with and tell everything to, and the person we saw in our lives more

5 Ways to Make Others Feel Better In These Times

Taking care of someone else can be healing for your family member or friend, but also is good for your more

How to Talk to Your Children About School Safety

Discussing school safety with your children is crucial to ensure their well-being and peace of mind while they attend more

Coping with Back-to-School Stress

As the summer fades away, and the new school year approaches, you and your family likely are feeling stressed and uncertain. Keep calm. Here's how to carry on when the bell more

Coping With Fear Following a Pandemic

As we continue to emerge from the physical impact of the pandemic, it becomes crucial to address and overcome these fears, allowing us to rebuild our lives and create a brighter more

Part 2: Breaking Free From Fear

Giving ourselves space to be aware allows us to start trusting that there is a different story to more

Part 1: Alert! I’m In a Fear Story

If I live in fear I may never know what it’s like to feel more

Dealing With Grief After a Pandemic

Remember, you are not alone in this more

Part 4: The Practice of Releasing Loss

“Allow yourself to release the emotions you have struggled all your life to contain.” more

Wound Up

Fear is what fuels the winding up, like a vigorous cranking of a rope that is tightened, waiting or anticipating a more

Part 3: Releasing Loss

When I finally agreed to allow the floodgates to open and to allow myself to grieve, a practice of releasing started to more

Part 2: Breaking the Silence

There is still a lot to learn about the purpose of releasing emotional more

Part 1: Suffering in Silence

What comes after the tears, after the release, is very more

My Grandmother's Garden

To me, Grandma’s garden represents her hope in the more

A Pivotal Part of Life

Shifting into something new can be unnerving and causes many to stay more

Pivot Point: Where You Break Free

The pivot point of our thinking comes when we stand exactly where we are in the lives we are in and see the world more

My Word for 2021: Intention

The word intention comes from a Latin word, intendere, meaning to stretch, or to more

Planting. Tending. Protecting.

Women have been planting seeds of hope throughout all of more

Stillpoint Showcase: Josh

I believe there is something every client and I can teach each other as we engage, resolve and more

How BSP Helped Me Pass My License Exam

I could not bring up the exam without the creeping in of panic and soon to follow more

Brainspotting: A Very Powerful Modality

BSP allowed an opportunity to truly feel without more

Bubble Gum Boundaries

Here is how I move through difficult, stuck feelings when I am struggling with a more

Guided Meditation With Josh

Mindfulness is a process of being present, "in the pause,” the more

Looking for Bears

In this very moment, you are safe from bears. PAUSE, take a breath. You are more

In the PAUSE©

Before control is lost, PAUSE. Bring awareness to yourself and take a more

The Difference Between Counseling and Therapy

Therapy....” is a tricky word. It comes from the Greek word, therapeia, meaning more

A Space to Heal from Trauma

For healing to occur, the brain, mind and body must be more

Welcome to Stillpoint

It is a place for the mind to heal and the body to catch more

Welcome Josh Stanley!

Josh brought a new therapy technique to Stillpoint known as Brainspotting (BSP) more