“If you want to play Chopin, you have to learn how to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star really badly.” 

- Beth Johnson

Whether you are trying to pivot something in your life or start something completely new, practice is a necessity. This page defines practice in 2 ways: To practice a skill and get better at it (ex. Learning to play the piano) and develop a process/pattern in your life (ex. start a journaling practice).

The word practice brings up an old saying you may have heard - “Practice Makes Perfect”. Is perfection really what you are striving for in practice? We, like many, have experienced a lack of motivation to do something bad as we are learning to “master” or “perfect” something. We get impatient, insecure and eventually avoid that desired practice we once were excited to learn. 


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What has been something you have wanted to or even tried to bring into your life - a skill, a way of living, etc? Were you successful? Was it challenging? Have you given up on it? Did you fall for the “practice makes perfect” motto? No matter what has happened before, it is time to give yourself permission to set intentions and develop practices within your life again.

What has been something you have wanted to or even tried to bring into your life - a skill, a way of living, etc? What do you really want to be possible?


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Stillpoint Healing Greenwood Indiana

Beth has agreed to share a practice within her life that has taken many forms and evolved over time. Many of you have probably heard of a vision board, well she decided that she wanted something that could go where she goes. 

So, Beth created traveling vision cards. We want to freely share this practice with you. Our hope is that this activity meets you where you are and supports both your intentions and goals that are held sacred in your life.


You could call this imagery a model for healing, within Cycles of Healing, we identify what we want or believe to be possible or identify what we believe to be possible. There are cycles to Pause, Plant, Process, Pivot or Practice. We are not prescribing to this order indefinitely, we invite flexibility to identify what parts are important and how these cycles connect with you. We want to offer opportunities for you to explore, name and create possibilities and join us in working towards what you desire.

Stillpoint Healing Greenwood, Indiana

A stop or rest. Victor Frankl describes this type of pause, “Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” 

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To put or set in the ground to grow ( This part of the cycle offers an opportunity to ground yourself from within before making any actionable step. It is both a noun and a verb. To cultivate and to ground.

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 The intentional or required shift. Josh has described its power best - “Pivoting can provide a moment of clarity and foresight into what direction we wish to move”.

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To grieve what is or has been lost and to identify and experience the hope for the future. We have broken up this content into 2 pages: the concentration on the loss we have experienced and the ability to transform through loss with hope for the future.

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Also a noun and a verb like Planting. The act of practicing like you would a skill, and the art of refining a practice like baking bread. The identification of a practice as something to be continued, a “best practice” or something to be honed.

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