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So You Can Heal is a Stillpoint podcast where therapists come together to 

Create Curiosity
Promote Conversation
Build Awareness Around Healing

Our hope is that you get to explore the questions you have about you and your relationships. We invite you to discover understanding, tools and wisdom you can use on your journey.

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Stillpoint Healing Greenwood Indiana
Stillpoint Healing Greenwood Indiana
Stillpoint Healing Greenwood Indiana
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Stillpoint Healing Greenwood Indiana

Our Latest Episode


Stillpoint Healing Greenwood Indiana
Abbey Parker, LMHC

Abbey is a LMHC at Stillpoint and outside of the office she spends her time with her family, husband Kevin and son Leo, and her Hemingway Polydactyl cat - Tori. Before she ventured into the world of therapy she was intent on becoming an Obstetrician. How did she end up here?! Well listen to our first episode and she will tell you all about it. To learn more about Abbey and see a photo of her little family - check out her story.


Josh Stanley, LSW

Josh is a LSW working towards completing requirements to become a LCSW. He found his way to Stillpoint through a hair client and has made his home with us. Josh currently lives in Madison, IN with his partner Brett, a loving, domesticated, feral cat named Gus, and an English Bulldog named Bella. Coincidentally, Josh also wanted to become a doctor prior to finding his place in the therapy world. How he found his way to Stillpoint is just as intriguing as Abbey's, you can hear them both in the first episode! To learn more about Josh and see a photo or two of his family - check out his story.



We want to continue to provide relevant content to our dedicated listeners. If you have questions, feedback, comments or topic ideas for future episodes, Josh and Abbey want to hear from you!


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