A Pivotal Part of Life

Author: Josh Stanley, LSW

Stillpoint Healing Greenwood, Indiana

Pivoting into something new can be unnerving and the fear of pivoting can cause many to stay stagnant. As my gymnastics coach used to say, “if it was easy everyone would do it.” The fear of failure, not being worthy, capable or enough can fill our hearts and minds as we begin preparations for pivoting into the new. I have found for myself, that in the moments of pivoting from one thing to the next, I just have to act. Because it is in the moments of non-action that I begin questioning myself and my capacity to accomplish my intended goal.

An example of this is graduate school. Continuing my education was an idea that lingered in the back of my mind for a long time. The pivot, along with others, was already there and until I realized what I wanted to do, I had to wait. When I finally decided which pivot was for me, I acted--quickly. I knew that if I put it off, I would not follow through. Of course afterward, I questioned myself… A lot. By the time I started to really doubt myself, it was too late. I had already secured my place in the social work graduate program and that fact alone helped the insecure thoughts stop. Had I not already completed the application and been accepted, it quite possibly may have kept me from shifting into this new part of my life. Which would have also kept me from so many wonderful things I credit to that very intentional pivot.

In life, we will create and be presented with many pivots along the path. Each one helps us reach new limits, learn new and even repeated lessons. Pivots can even help us take stock of who we are, and what we desire from our life’s journey. Each pivot takes us into something new. A new understanding of ourselves, a new environment or terrain, even new possibilities and adventures. I know I am talking about an intentional, chosen pivot, yet there are also unintentional, unchosen pivots. Chosen or unchosen means of sacrifice. The laying down of what was in order to embrace more fully that which is and is to come. For it is in the moments when we cling too tightly to what was that we find ourselves unable, unwilling, unmotivated to keep moving forward. Unable to embrace change. We call this stuckness at the office.

Knowing that chosen or unchosen pivots bring sacrifice and loss, I wonder if we paid close attention, what possibilities would arise out of even the most unwanted pivot? Many times, the pivots available to us at this moment, allow us to take stock of what could be, prior to taking the first physical step. It is in these moments when seeking clarity of our intentions and goals and seeking a quietness in our soul, we can hear what direction we are to move. Pivoting is necessary and unavoidable. It is essential and forever a part of our lives.

I have pivoted countless times since applying for graduate school. Each time, I followed the process that works for me through action. I am wondering today, what pivot is calling to you? Are you acting or avoiding? What do you need in order to decide to pivot? How will pivoting bring you into a new space in your life, into new possibilities, and continue to prepare you to pivot over and over again?

Josh Stanley, LSW


Regardless of the client, helping anyone engage, resolve and reinvent through life’s challenges is a calling I humbly accept. Helping increase awareness for each client so they can make intentional choices for their life is so rewarding. I also enjoy helping those who are empathic learn how to establish routines for self-care and ways to work with their emotions so they can engage with life and others in a way that can help reduce anxiety.


Stillpoint Healing Greenwood Indiana