A Season of Setbacks

Author: Jenna Corcoran, LMFT l Stillpoint Healing l Greenwood, Indiana

I have noticed a trend in the world of welcomed change. A season of befuddlement. Which means to to be utterly bewildered or confused. This season is usually quickly followed by the surprise of grief and it goes something like this:

I wanted this next chapter so badly and it FINALLY happened and yet, I do not feel as excited and settled as I expected to. What’s wrong with me? I wanted this and yet I feel sad and overwhelmed by it. Will I ever get that excitement and contentment I was seeking when I dreamt of this change? I am unsure and wondering if I made the right choice?

This season hit pretty hard for me in April - in what I was hoping would be the most exciting of times. I knew moving out of our home of 14 years would be a time of both sorrow and excitement. I am grateful for this change, even in the unexpected sorrows we have discovered along the way. In the midst of all the excitement, we hit a huge and expensive hurdle with the house. This brought me to tears and extreme disappointment initially. I felt overwhelmed, angry, disappointed, and uncertain. I knew that I just had to release it, pray, and enjoy the little moments that were coming while we waited to define the unknowns.

Thankfully, this season did not steal our joy for long and although we are not through it yet, I am prayerfully hopeful for a positive outcome. For those welcoming change and bravely entering the unknowns, do not doubt the choice simply because there are seasons of befuddlement and sorrow that will accompany you on the journey. Remember, It is only a season. 

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