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My Practice

I have been a therapist for 10 years and this year I stepped into co-ownership of Stillpoint Consultants. I am very excited for this venture and to continue offering therapy services to Greenwood and surrounding areas.

Over the last six years my individual practice has evolved greatly beginning with phase 1 training of Brainspotting. In learning this modality, I have discovered exponential healing and expanded into infinite possibilities for myself and my clients. Therapy with me encompasses a collaboration of deep processing methods with specialties in grief and loss, brainspotting, emotional freedom technique (tapping), parts work, narrative therapy and somatic processing.

At this point in my career, I want to join with women who are seeking healing and desiring to shift the story of their life and seek new possibilities for themselves. I know each client I work with holds everything they need to heal and to expand into what they want to be possible in their life and the lives of those they love.

An invitation:

I am ready to join you - wherever you are in your story; to provide curiosity, companionship, and hope as you navigate anxiety, fear, sorrow, and loss. To journey through stuckness and bring validation, understanding, and compassion to each part that holds you together. It would be my honor to help you to release what no longer serves you so you can heal.

I believe everyone is the great teller of their story. I invite you to connect with me and start sharing your story.

My Story

The chapter I choose to share with you today is from the last six years. This part of my life is what has led me to desire to support women in the chapters of their lives. My pastor said recently that traumatic experiences do not define who we are and I agree. I would also add these experiences happen to us, not because of us.

I have been married for over 13 years and in 2023 we had our first and only child. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be able to take on the role of a mother and to see my marriage shift and grow greatly with the addition of our little boy, Cooper. However, this chapter started years ago when my greatest fear became my reality. The fear of infertility. We journeyed through fertility treatments for four years and thankfully for us, it worked. However, I will say that we were at the very end of our options when God blessed us with Cooper.

In those years, there was a lot of grieving, processing, releasing, and healing that I knew I needed in order to be ready for each new trial and treatment. I knew that I deserved to release what was happening so I could continue to show up for myself how I needed and wanted. This was extremely uncomfortable and hard work. I am blessed to know that healing is possible and I am not living in that space infertility anymore. I am in a space of new and exciting challenges and opportunities for healing as a mom, wife, business owner, and truly any other role you want to add in there. I am so much more than the roles I fulfill and I desire to continue to care for myself so that each role receives the best version of me possible.

In every job I have had since high school, I have practiced the philosophy of never asking something of someone else I have not done myself. This philosophy continues into my role as a therapist. I know healing is possible because I have years of experience releasing the layers of things that have happened to me so I can expand into what I want to be possible for myself, my life, and my family. In this work I have realized that I want to offer the same releasing and healing opportunities to you. 

Training and Credentials

Emotional Freedom Technique - EFT Tapping Course - completed training

Internal Family Systems Therapy - workshop completed

Certified in Brainspotting

Trained in phases 1, 2, 3 and 4 of Brainspotting, as well as specialty trainings in Expansion and Brainspotting with Kids and Adolescents.

Grief and Bereavement - trained and practiced for over 15 years

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