Part 2: Breaking Free From Fear

Author: Author: Abbey Parker, LMHC

Stillpoint Healing

I find that we stay stuck because we don’t think we have another choice. And while reaction to perceived danger is not a choice, we get to choose how we work with the fear that results from our experiences. We get to work with our history and unravel the knots that limit us and trap our perceptions. We do not have to stay captive to our fears.

  • I know I’m in a fear story when:
  • My breathing is not deep and my body is not relaxed.
  • I’m stuck on a loop of worry instead of having clear thoughts.
  • I’m focused on a single outcome and don’t see options.
  • I’m waiting for something else to make the choice for me and don’t trust myself to make a choice .
  • I relive the old experiences that taught me this fear instead of having presence to my life.

Giving ourselves permission to observe our bodies, minds and actions offers the possibility for our story to change. Start noticing your reactions and the story you are telling yourself about what’s next. And if you are finding yourself in a fear story, notice and observe what’s happening; write it down, say it out loud, or draw a picture of it. Giving ourselves space to be aware allows us to start trusting that there is a different story to live and you get to choose the story of your experience.

Even though this may be hard, consider this, I deserve, you deserve, we deserve:

  • To take deep breaths and have a relaxed body.
  • To have clear thoughts.
  • To see options and possibilities.
  • To discover trust in ourselves and to make choices.
  • To be present to our lives.

We just took the opportunity to see outside of our fear story, trusting ourselves a little bit more to create presence. You don’t have to live in fear; I invite you to learn how to live free.



Listen to our special edition Part 2 podcast about dealing with fear. Our therapists come together to create curiosity, promote conversation and build awareness around healing. We invite you to discover understanding, tools and wisdom you can use on your journey.

Abbey Parker, LMHC

Therapist and Executive Director

I am a Staff Therapist and Executive Director of Stillpoint. I love practicing as a psychotherapist helping women, men, relationships and families.

I am committed to the therapeutic process to help individuals and relationships engage, resolve and reinvent life’s challenges. You can expect that I will engage with you and your family in a process that offers opportunity and healing.


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