Abbey Parker, LMHC

Image of Abbey Parker, LMHC

Therapist and Executive Director

Abbey is a Therapist and Executive Director of Stillpoint. She loves practicing as a psychotherapist helping women, men, relationships and families.  

Abbey is committed to the therapeutic process to help individuals and relationships engage, resolve and reinvent life challenges. You can expect Abbey to engage you and your family in a process that offers opportunity and healing.  

Abbey grew up in Indiana and attended Hanover College and then completed her Master's Degree in Community Counseling from Xavier University in 2009.

Abbey specializes in trauma, developmental concerns, relationship engagement, and family transition. She has a vast knowledge of the mental health community in Indianapolis since she has worked in emergent psychiatric care, community mental health and private practice.  

Abbey is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional and is trained in Brainspotting, a brain and body relational psychotherapy. It uses feelings in the body to process complex trauma that is stored in the non-verbal part of the brain, allowing clients to live more freely without the weight of past trauma. 

Abbey also is a partner with Arête Purpose Consulting – a strategic planning firm in Greenwood.

When Abbey is not with her family she also shares an interest in giving back to the Greenwood and Indianapolis communities. She enjoys creating and leading a supportive and fun club, Different Like Me, for kids on the Autism spectrum. 

Abbey also serves as President on the Board of Directors for the Disability Legal Services of Indiana