Fascinated With Friendsgiving

Author: Jenna Corcoran, LMFT

Stillpoint Healing

A few months ago when Sammy started at our practice, she brought up the idea of writing about friendships and I was intrigued. As we step into the month of “thankfulness” and Thanksgiving, I thought it would be a perfect time to tackle the topic of friendship. 

Specifically, I am intrigued by the traditions held with our friends, like Friendsgiving. What are the things you do with your friend group(s) whether it be regularly or annually that you would consider traditions you are thankful for?

As I pondered this question myself I realized Michael and I are very blessed with our friend groups and the many traditions we are a part of with them. 

For example, every year Michael and I spend New Year’s Eve with our friends Mel and Jesse in Indiana or in Utah with Emmett and Sarah. We annually camp with our friends and even intermix our families. We participate in annual charity events, attend children’s birthdays, anniversaries/memorials, and themed parties. We look forward to the annual events as a way to stay connected especially with our day-to-day lives being busy. 

These are times we get to stop and prioritize enjoying each other's company and catching up on each other’s lives. If you desire to start some new traditions with your friend group, it is never too late!

Consider these steps to decide where to start:

  • Identify a hobby or interest you want to try out (a sport, game, themed celebration, volunteer event, etc.)
  • Decide on how frequent you want to engage in this activity (monthly, weekly, annually)
  • Talk with your friends about it and see who is interested
  • Schedule it!

If you decide on a social gathering or something that requires time and money, let others help you plan and bring supplies.

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