Finding My Tribe at 39

Author: Crystal Stone l Guest Blogger | Truly Your Healing l Greenwood, Indiana

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In my first official blog post for Stillpoint - Starting Over at 33, I shared how I had to start over with friendships in my life after my divorce. I eventually came to the realization those friendships were there for the old me. Since starting over in 2016, I have met some incredible women. Many were short lived friendships that I still cherish and a few have remained and evolved. It is absolutely beautiful to have these few women stay in my life through finding myself. I have got to witness this in them as well. Allowing them to be who they are and their vulnerability as well as being able to show that side of me and feel safe doing so.

I am a completely different woman than what I used to be and so that means, for me, different friendships. I will say though through so much loss in friendship, this made me get to know myself in a deeper way. I learned what it is that I love. What I want to do. Who I am. How I show up in this world. To be so set in my own self that I can be true to myself in the new friendships making their way to me. To call in other women that are in alignment with my values, beliefs, thoughts so I do not have to change who I am to fit in (this was one realization - past people pleaser right here). To be authentically me and to be able to accept them fully in return.

And, in discovering myself through these few friendships that have held throughout and some past I’ve even reconnected with through my transition, I am ready to step into community as I have seen and desired within for a long time. I am ready to hold deep, connected friendships with others who are ready to do the same. To meet each other where we are at, accept one another, and to grow in our own independent ways with the same openness. I am excited to call in my tribe, which I truly feel is happening already and I sit in gratitude for myself and for them. So now I can show up and call in my tribe. To show up and hold healthy relationships. To know the friends I want to surround myself with. To know I am always here for myself and love myself unconditionally. Knowing that anyone else in my life adds to the beauty and growth through my journey. And, I can accept them where they are in theirs and add to it. I have found my tribe.

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Crystal is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and is a Certified Hormone Health. Her business - Truly Your Healing - offers a variety of services and experiences to create journeys that will help you gain clarity, set realistic goals, and develop actionable plans to overcome obstacles and achieve success. She is ready to work with you! Check out her website to learn more or to schedule with her.


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