Journaling for Fun

Author: Jenna Corcoran, LMFT l Stillpoint Healing l Greenwood, Indiana

Journaling has been a major part of my life and after taking a course through Susannah Conway’s Journal Your Life (hyperlink this please - my eyes were opened to hundreds of journaling ideas!

For the month of April I decided to initiate a journaling challenge to help you explore this creative outlet further and include a few of my favorites from Susannah’s list for you to try out!

Challenge 1:

Get out the glue, stickers, magazines, and tissue paper - create a page that your younger self would fall in love with!

Challenge 2:

Leave perfectionism behind and design the ugliest page you can - it is up to you if you leave it in your journal or rip it out and throw it away

Challenge 3:

Pick a person, place, or thing to dedicate a page to

Happy journaling!

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