Lesson Number 3

Author: Jenna Corcoran, LMFT l Stillpoint Healing l Greenwood, Indiana

It’s March and I have been thinking about - December Lessons - and how I wanted to spend time this year concentrating on each of the difficult lessons I discovered from last year. I chose to concentrate on lesson 3 first - bringing back the elements of self care that I cultivated in the years leading up to having Cooper that had to be temporarily discontinued :). Honestly, it has been a frustrating and sometimes defeating challenge to re-introduce the elements I want in my life in order to bring presence and comfort to myself. My life is beautifully demanding and I am finding that in order to be present to my outward life and enjoy every second, I need to also take time on a daily basis to be present and connected to my internal life as well.

New Lessons:

I am very grateful that what is important to me is also important to my husband so he has been a huge part in what has made these routines and processes possible in my new life. We are learning the ropes of parenthood while trying to keep sacred time for ourselves and our marriage. I truly cannot do any of the things for myself without him. I could never do what I did before the way I did it - and truthfully I don’t want to. I have found a groove that works and I feel more connected to myself than ever. I would like to say I am settled with the new routine and that’s the end of it.

I am gearing up for another life changing/schedule shifting experience in a few short weeks. We bought a home for our family to grow and love in. It is in a new place - don’t worry I am still going to be working at Stillpoint and offering therapy in Greenwood :) - however this new place is going to change a lot of my routines that I have worked hard to re-establish. And this is okay with me. For whatever amount of time is possible - I have established a routine that works for me, and now I get the opportunity to expand and explore what self connection and care can be in this new season ahead of me. I am no longer worried whether or not I will stay present to myself and prioritize my well being, I know I will. The exciting part is discovering how that gets established in each new season! Stay tuned!!

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