Put on your walking shoes

Author: Jenna Corcoran, LMFT l Stillpoint Healing l Greenwood, Indiana

This time of the year brings me back to April 2020 - quarantine - the permission to stay at home and away from other humans for an extended period of time held its charm and chaos for us all. During that time I was working really hard on grounding all of my 8 senses so one of the challenges I set for myself was to get out in nature and walk every day.

After a while, the walks became monotonous, more of the same. So I made a few adjustments - first I created a fun walking playlist and every once in a while I would add new songs to listen to. I also started seeking out a different color, object, shape, or theme each day. It was amazing how that shifted my experience. This simple challenge led me to dig deeper into nature and supported groundedness. The images I have included are from when I sought out beautiful trees on my walk with Ranger. You know I am all about lessons this year and looking back on that time I learned how naturally grounding being out in the open air truly is.

Although quarantine created a lot of struggles, it taught me something invaluable. There are naturally grounding principles to the outdoors. I noticed the more I was outside the easier my nervous system reset and regulated on its own. It did take quite a while for this to become effortless, however, it is something my system to this day continues to crave. So much so, that I made sure our forever home had acreage with woods. I am trading my neighborhood life for a life in nature and forest bathing!

Here is a fun challenge for you! Consider going outside for a few minutes today and find as many blue items as possible. How many could you find?!

Until next time.

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