Part 1: Alert! I’m In a Fear Story

Author: Abbey Parker, LMHC

Stillpoint Healing

I am afraid.

I am scared that if I take a step forward that something will go wrong.

I am fearful that I will not be understood.

I worry that if I speak I will lose myself or my relationships.

I’m afraid that things will change.

I am not in danger, but I have fears that make me think I am. These thoughts and feelings breed doubt, resistance, grief, struggle, inaction; feelings of being trapped and stuck. I know this place all too well; whether I’ve learned this from trauma, history, community, relationships, or ingrained and patterned shame.

And if I stay here, in this fear, nothing changes this feeling.

And if I don’t step forward I will never know what could be.

And if this fear controls me I lose the opportunity to trust myself.

And if I live in fear I may never know what it’s like to feel free.

And I want to be more afraid of that - that if I don’t look at my fears and face them then I will remain stuck, clutter minded and stagnant. That my authenticity will be stifled and I will live out my days in dissatisfaction and captive to my fear story. How are you being held captive by your fear story? In part two I want to explore together identifying our fear stories that keep us stuck and choosing a story of Breaking Free.



Listen to our special edition Part 1 podcast about dealing with fear. Our therapists come together to create curiosity, promote conversation and build awareness around healing. We invite you to discover understanding, tools and wisdom you can use on your journey.

Abbey Parker, LMHC

Therapist and Executive Director

I am a Staff Therapist and Executive Director of Stillpoint. I love practicing as a psychotherapist helping women, men, relationships and families.

I am committed to the therapeutic process to help individuals and relationships engage, resolve and reinvent life’s challenges. You can expect that I will engage with you and your family in a process that offers opportunity and healing.


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