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Author: Jenna Corcoran, LMFT l Stillpoint Healing l Greenwood, Indiana

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In December Lessons, I shared a practice that has helped me choose my footing every year for the last eight years. Not only does this process support setting intentions, I review my experience every December. This review also provides an opportunity to choose my footing and direction for the coming year.

My footing for this year is Simply Home. Prior to having Cooper last year, I worked really hard to establish a solid footing in order to bring him into this world. And as you saw in my last blog, I have learned a lot and there has been a lot of sorrow sewn into the pure joy I was gifted with. After allowing the sorrow to run its course, I learned that I can still have those things. Realizing this means I get to go on this adventure with curiosity and see what comes of it.

Instead of this being an adventure for self like it has been before, I get to integrate how the work I do for myself will impact my home and family. The adventure begins again with allowing myself to grieve the new layers, jumping full force into the newness of our lives, and exploring the wants for my life.

So this year is about planting a new foundation for myself and my family that will allow for the growth and expansion we need. As I take my first step in choosing the adventure ahead, I hope you join me. More to come.

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